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Automobile Accidents are the leading cause of Whiplash. Very often, whiplash victims are told that their soreness and stiffness, along with any other symptoms, will go away with time. And too often, just the opposite happens!

Months and even years after the accident, whiplash sufferers can experience symptoms they never had before the accident, such as nervousness, irritability, depression, headaches, numbness, recurring aches and pains, etc.

Soft tissue injuries due to a whiplash can result in the tearing of muscles and ligaments. This tearing interferes with the body's ability to straighten the structural damage.

The healing of a spinal whiplash injury without proper professional care (chiropractic) would be somewhat like healing a broken bone without first setting it.

If the whiplash injury does not receive proper physical care such as spinal adjustments, the body might mend the injured spine in a distorted position which can contribute to chronic and more severe problems in the future.

It takes less time to heal and it is much less costly to treat the whiplash immediately following the injury than it is to treat it months or years later.

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