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My Arthritis Says:

A Storm's Coming!!

You've probably heard your Aunt Bessie of Uncle Earl say, "Well, there must be a storm on its way 'cause my arthritis is acting up!" It is true that when it's turning cold and stormy, arthritis sufferers may experience discomfort.

What is arthritis? Simply, it's an inflammation of a joint accompanied by pain, heat, redness and swelling. Rheumatoid arthritis is severe pain and swelling of the joints resulting from infection. However, arthritis is not just a joint disease, but a disease of the entire body.

To best manage arthritis is to deal with the cause, which is a disturbed physiology of the body. This physiology is regulated by the nervous system. Interference with normal flowing nerve energy between the brain and the body's organs can result in a disturbed physiology or, for example, arthritis.

Most medical treatments use aspirin for arthritic symptoms, but prolonged use may cause stomach irritation, bleeding and even ulcers. Anti-inflammatory drugs may be prescribed, but there is risk of kidney disease and some of the same side effects as with aspirin.

Doctors of Chiropractic, work to restore the flow of nerve energy with spinal adjustments so that bodily functions can be restored.

Spinal subluxations can interfere with the normal flow of nerve energy which can affect the entire immune system. A weakened immune system, makes us susceptible to many sicknesses and disease. Arthritis may be just one of those ailments.

If you know someone suffering from arthritis, suggest that they call us. A healthy spine means a healthier you! We help the body recover naturally!

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