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Whoa, Hang On!!

There are two primary types of dizziness, sometimes known as Vertigo. The are (1) inner ear and (2) circulatory. Both types may be produced by drugs, accidents or by merely whirling about rapidly like many of us did as children.

The primary difference between the inner ear and circulatory dizziness is, is the inner ear type, it is like the merry-go-round or twirling sensation whereas the circulatory type becomes apparent when lying down or bending over and getting up quickly and feeling faint. It is possible for some individuals to have both types.

Dizziness is not a disease. It is an indication that something is amiss in the delicate balance of our body. The dizzy spells are nature's warning that some disorder is interfering with the proper function of the body's organs, nerves, glands or muscles.

All of the functions of our body are under the control of the nervous system which is akin to a highly complex electronic system. The nervous system originates in the brain where nerve energy is transmitted down through the spinal cord inside of our spine and branches out between the vertebrae as spinal nerves. Occasionally, the spine may twist or curve creating a squeezing pressure so lightly that we are unaware of it except for the symptoms of dizziness.

There are various forms of treatment that may provide a degree of temporary relief, but the proper approach is to locate the CAUSE of the problem and correct it. The underlying cause of this condition is usually associated with spinal misalignments. The correction of the problem is a gentle pressure on the vertebrae of the spine to help the body begin to heal itself as the spine is realigned.

Call today if you're feeling a little Dizzy!! Chiropractic care can help you!!

These tips can help you steer clear of pain & keep you feeling your best.