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I need a "Tune-Up"

"Doctor, I go to bed tired and I wake up tired." A common complaint in most doctors' offices. The usual examination checks for diabetes, hypoglycemia, anemia and other conditions which cause chronic tiredness. Often, no definite physiological disease can be pinpointed. The patient is left with a frustrated feeling and is still tired.

This condition equates to your automobile when it needs a tune-up; nothing is seriously wrong but it just isn't performing well. The first thing a mechanic does is clean or replace the points and spark plugs, because he knows when the electrical system (like the nervous system of the body) is carrying the spark at maximum, the whole engine runs smoothly and efficiently.

Your body's engine also depends on the condition of the electrical or nervous system. This vital nerve force keeps the various organs and glands functioning normally. Without this nerve energy we cannot stay alert, vigorous and healthy. It is the force which coordinates and drives all the intricate machinery of the human body. When something interferes with the flow of nerve energy, we can easily feel tired and rundown. For example, if the heart is not receiving all the nerve energy is normally receives, it cannot pump properly. It still functions, but not at maximum. It's similar to reducing the power to a light bulb which results in dim lighting instead of the proper bright light.

The spinal cord, which is made up of all the nerves leading to the organs and tissues of the body, is protected by the spinal column, commonly called the "backbone." If one of the vertebrae making up this protective column slips out of proper alignment, a nerve can be pinched or squeezed and the function of an organ or glad will be decreased.

Doctors of Chiropractic are particularly trained to locate such misalignments and restore the vertebra to its normal alignment. More importantly, a general feeling of tiredness is often the forerunner of a more serious condition, so it makes sense to have a check-up (tune-up) now. The sooner, the better!

The Function of the Vertebrae
These tips can help you steer clear of pain & keep you feeling your best.