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Are You Locked Out of a Healthy, Pain-free Spine?

Have you ever gotten up one morning, tried to stretch, and felt like some part of your back or neck was just "stuck"?


Have you ever leaned over to pick something up, stretched toward the item and your body just "stopped" before you completed the reach?

-how about-

You're in your swing playing tennis or golf, or going up for a layup on one side of the basket and your body just "quits" or "catches"?

It is sometimes easy to tell when it's time for a chiropractic visit. That "stuckness" that you feel may be a locked out vertebra. Bones in your spine may have, by injury, result of bad habit, or even genetic weakness, managed to move out of normal position. This effects normal body balance and function. This spinal fixation can create pain and muscle spasm, direct and indirect effects on the nervous system, and inflammation.

Pain relief, body balance, and superior function are primary reasons professional athletes like golfer, Tiger Woods and NFL veteran, Qadry Ismail regularly utilize chiropractic care. Many athletes from bowlers to Olympic runners and divers have seen the physical edge chiropractic can give them.

Research exists to show that specific chiropractic adjustments, administered to effected, malfunctioning locked spinal bones improves range of motion. Healthy range of motion is a great thing when your body relies on motion for life!

So next time you are sitting in your car and you can't turn your head to back out of your driveway, call this office.

When you reach into a cupboard above your head and wonder how one of your arms got shorter than the other, reach for your phone and dial our number.

-any time-

You have to stutter or sputter your body through any athletic competition, make your way to this chiropractic clinic.

We won't lock you out, we'll let you in on good, pain-free spinal health.

The Function of the Vertebrae
These tips can help you steer clear of pain & keep you feeling your best.