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If you are a headache sufferer, chances are that the next eight out of nine people you pass on the street are also headache sufferers. Many surveys conclude that nine out of ten people suffer at least occasional headaches. Other surveys indicate that 70% of humans suffer from some type of headache, driving over 50 million Americans to doctors each and every year.

There are a number of headache profiles in the individuals surveyed. Study participants suffered from tension headaches, migraines, and headaches caused by spinal misalignments in the neck (cervicogenic). Pain ranged in severity from simply annoying to almost constant pain so severe that an individual could not work. According to the Mayo Foundation for Education and Medical Research, pain relief medications, alone, cost Americans around a half a billion dollars each year.

The Mayo Foundation sites a growing point of view that headaches are due to imbalances in our brain's chemical and nerve activity. The point needs to be made that it is doubtful this imbalance in the brain's chemistry and nerve supply is the result of a deficiency of pain relievers in our bodies.

Real causes of nerve system imbalances are interferences that ruin normal nerve function. All structure and function in our bodies is controlled totally by the brain via the nervous system. Each message sent by the brain to the parts of the body goes by electrochemical chain reactions carried through the nervous system. The brain organizes and interprets these electrochemical messages and responds with directions like, "Move your arm away from the flame" or "Secrete stomach enzymes to digest this hamburger". Malfunction of this system can lead to pain and illness, including headaches.

Chiropractic adjustments to spinal misalignments proved repeatedly to decrease the severity and number of headaches suffered. One 1995 study measured chiropractic adjustments against the relief received from the common anti-inflammatory, amitriptyline. Chiropractic adjustments created great improvement and a marked elevation in health status of the chronic tension headache sufferers in the study.

If you are one of the nine out of 10, you owe it to your health to have your spine checked for the vertebral subluxations that can cause headaches. See your chiropractor who is the only professional specifically educated to detect and correct these misalignments. Call this clinic today. Become the one in ten who does not suffer from headaches.

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