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Score a Healthy Season/Avoid Basketball Injuries

Basketball comes with a variety of physical stresses. The outside forces that a player must resist do not stop at physical contact. Getting knocked down; run over, and body-slammed come with the territory. But, what about the athlete's own physical challenges? To excel, he or she challenges the body to continuously run faster, jump higher, be twice as alert, and display better hand-eye coordination that the opposing player. The ability of the legs, shoulders, and back to resist the stresses and strains from twisting and turning and changing direction in a split second is critical to the player. The ability to play at top performance without injury and to do it for four quarters decides the game's outcome.

For the basketball player to perform at a consistently high level, his or her body strength and resistance must be greater than any outside stress that confronts it. Improving the body's physical strength through weight training and endurance conditioning is a good step toward high inner resistance. Another, critical move for the athlete is making sure the body mechanics (the joints, muscles, etc.) are working at as high a level as possible. This is achieved through being checked for proper alignment and balance. Athletes of all kinds are turning in increasing numbers to chiropractic to help them maintain and improve their potential for performance. From NBA players to Olympic divers, these athletes see that chiropractic addresses the issue of spinal bi-mechanics and body balance better than any other health discipline. When the spine is balanced and the nerve system is working efficiently, the body is more coordinated and all the body's systems that control hand-eye coordination, efficient, powerful motion, and endurance are all enhanced. The outside stresses and strains and the incredible physical demand of basketball are met when the athlete's body is working at 100% effectiveness. Indications are that injuries to the back, knees, and shoulders may be reduced and healing time can be shortened through properly addressing spinal biomechanics through chiropractic care.

Health is defined as having your body stronger than, and able to resist, any outside stresses and strains. Health is also when 100% of your body is working at 100% all the time. What more could any athlete or coach ask for?

I know that for any athlete, and particularly, the basketball player, chiropractic is an effective means of assisting the body to reach 100%

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