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High Pressure Living!!

High Pressure Living takes its toll on all of us with its stress, strain and uncertainties. Studies show that in the United States today the public spends hundred of millions of dollars on tranquilizers, barbiturates, anti-depressants and alcohol in a vain attempt to relieve stress.

Under stress the human spinal muscles contract very muscles contract very much like we see in animals such as the cat and dog. With repeated and prolonged stress these contracted spinal muscles can cause the spine to twist and/or curve until nerves are pinched or irritated producing symptoms of nervousness and stress! Which comes first, the chicken or the egg....physical or emotional stress?

Stress can overload the body's nervous system similar to an overloaded electrical system where circuits are blown and normal function is hampered. Just as it is necessary to reset the electrical circuits, it is also necessary to reset the human nervous system with spinal adjustments.

In nearly every disease affecting the human body, there is a primary cause within the nervous system. In many cases a feeling of nervousness is the only way the body has of letting you know there is something wrong within the system. This feeling of nervousness is much the same as the symptoms of a headache.

It is not uncommon to find the person who is stressed out also complaining of recurrent headaches. Nervousness is a warning signal and should be heeded in the same sense you would heed the warning of repeated headaches.

The treatment of symptoms by drugging the body for "temporary relief" is NOT the answer! Learning to cope with emotional problems and avoiding as much as possible those situations that tend to produce stress is preferred. Along with coping, regular exercise and a balanced diet also helps.

Once the body's electrical circuits have been blown, the most effective treatment, in addition to the above, are gentle spinal adjustments by you chiropractor. Spinal adjustments help to provide lasting relief of stress symptoms for nervousness, anxiety, depression, irritability, insomnia and headaches. All this with none of the risks involved with drugs.

Eliminate stress and recapture that happy, healthy and relaxed self with a chiropractic tune-up today.

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